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Since 2012, Foxlie Corp. has delivered signage solutions to companies all around Sweden. Foxlie Corp. has completed reprofiling on several major groups and franchises, ranging from the design solution to installation management


ExpoTryck.se | supplies print products for events & expos all around Sweden. We offer the latest technologies in printing and stay ontop of the market with our competative prices. One solution dosn’t fit all – we make sure it fits well!


Digitalscreen.tech is a complete supplier of digital displays – that is, Digital Signage. With a leading technology and development in focus, we deliver both complete screens including assembly & mounting. The possibility of buying screens for your own installation is entirely possible.

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Retail Solution

Information about our Retail Solution will be available shorty….

DigiTail Solution

Digital + Retail = ♥

Information about our DigiTail Solution will be available shorty….

DigiTail, butiksinredning, butik, retail, digital, video, skärmar, solution
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Recruitment Solution


Finding a new team member is always difficult, but finding the right one is even harder!

We help you to find the right person to fit your team!

Information about our Recruitment Solution will be available shorty….


Why hire expensive staff when you are struggling to maintain an affordable economy, hire a freelancer and pay what you belive the project is worth! 

Information about our Freelancer Solutions will be available shorty….

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Web Solution

Our web solutions are fitted for your need, nothing less…

Information about our Web Solution will be available shorty….

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KIDS Entertainment

The faith of the world rests on the shoulds of our children, but as long as they are children: Let kids be kids !

We supply entertainment for children in the age range of 1-5(+). Check out our videos & songs and share the word!

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